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Slowly getting the urge to RP after 2 years vacation and I'm liking the results so far. I've been writing bios to submit for an character in an online RP group called Kingdoms and after sketching him a bit got the want to do one for Lady Mouse. ^____^

I owe her lots of headshot arts from being very helpful when I was in a rough patch (cough cough, need more character information woman! cough), and I remembered Ichabod Somersby and really wanted to draw him.

So with what I could gather in info and her choice of Daniel Craig (needed deep set eyes reference X3). I put together what I thought he might look like.

I hope its to your liking! ^____^

P.S. My scanners being a butt and ate the dark lines. Working on correcting that now.
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I have a lot of them and even dedicated some for projects and the like, but now that I am starting to draw into myself more and need a place to gather thoughts and personal ideas this looks like a great place to do so.

I have a few comic ideas that I keep putting on the backburner. On one hand I know I should just do it, on the other I am so inexperienced that it'd be funny to watch.

So fuck it. I'll just learn on my own, you know, for shits and giggles.

So here will have works of writing and comic bits, with a side of other art I can share from time to time.
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Been trying to experiment a little

Here is the first part of your gift

Black/White of Dusty on watercolor postcards

Will be coloring it this weekend. (need new brushes XD)

bw Dusty card

<333 Hope you are feeling better!


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